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MM Graphia Innovaprint prints paper packaging sustainably


The new ALB-GOLD paper package for pasta is not just a benefit for the environment, it is the second successful paper packaging concept developed by MM Graphia Innovaprint Bielefeld for its customers. ALB-GOLD, a family business in southern Germany, is the first manufacturer in the market using this type of packaging for pasta. MM Graphia Innovaprint Bielefeld delivers the sustainable technological implementation, from printing all the way to the packaging process.

Logical transition to paper packaging
ALB-GOLD stands for absolute premium quality, a large product range and transparency from seed to plate. Since it was founded 50 years ago, the family business has turned into a showpiece enterprise in the food industry, and today is one of Germany’s leading pasta producers.

Openness to new ideas is a key element of success and growth: In 2009, ALB-GOLD was the first food producer approved to bear the national “ohne Gentechnik” (no genetic engineering) seal on their bags. ALB-GOLD consistently produces without artificial additives, and the proportion of organic products in its portfolio is growing steadily. The company’s highly innovative character extends to their packaging solutions: After locally grown grains, factory grounds with minimal environmental impact, and process heating from their own wood-fired thermal plant for their pasta production, converting from plastic packaging to paper was the next logical step for the family business to ensure their continued sustainable and future-oriented operation. 

Uncompromising packaging solution
ALB-GOLD’s alternative to the classic plastic bag is: the environmentally-friendly paper bag. ALB-GOLD is banking on an innovative packaging technology that is already being used for sugar and flour. The company deliberately omitted the foil window in the bag, so the material can easily be recycled. Customers see the shape and type of pasta at a glance thanks to the high-quality printing. For ALB-GOLD, this new paper packaging for pasta, so called long goods, is another chapter in their success story.

Alternative to the classic plastic bag: the environmentally-friendly paper bag

From reel to shelf – holistic packaging solution by MMP
ALB-GOLD’s paper packages are printed by the German MMP plant Graphia Innovaprint using the Flexo printing process and special, solvent-free and water-based inks that do not migrate into the contents and naturally satisfy the high safety standards required by the food and luxury foods industry. The white paper reels are printed and finished with a special hot seal medium. The printed image is always applied partially, in order to stress the material as little as possible but at the same time guarantee a strong seal. Afterwards, the printed reels are delivered to ALB-GOLD, where the package is produced with the aid of a so-called forming shoulder, filled with spaghetti, and then sealed. The process turns reels of paper into sustainable packages.

In this project, MMP handled not only the package printing but also supported ALB-GOLD with technical advice, in order to ensure that the material’s characteristics would allow for optimum processing on the customer’s existing packaging systems.

“Apart from the high standards of quality we apply to our products, we are very concerned with preserving resources and protecting natural ecosystems. The question of how we could make our pasta packages more sustainable had been on our minds for a long time. By transitioning to a paper package by MMP Graphia Innovaprint, we save about 65% carbon dioxide compared to foil packaging.

Since we introduced the paper packaging together with MM Graphia Innovaprint in late 2018, we have received lots of positive feedback. Many customers are looking for environmentally-friendly, non-plastic packaging and appreciate our sustainable option, which is still unique on the pasta shelf. We intend to convert even more items and product lines to the sustainable packaging solution in the future.” Oliver Freidler, Member of the Management Board, ALB-GOLD Teigwaren GmbH.